Please note that in order to attend an event you must be of legal age in your country. The only case, in which a person under age can attend an event is when they accompany their parent or legal caretaker. Thank you for your understanding.

April 16, 18:00h / Free of Charge (By Invitation Only)

Come discover our international wine distribution office in the heart of Karlovy Vary

Located on T.G. Masaryka Street in Karlovy, You will be amazed by the diversity and the authenticity of our selection of 100 + types of wines carefully selected by our Master Sommelier Bertrand Franck.

You will have the privilege to be our honorable guest and will enjoy a unique and memorable wine tasting experience from exclusive wineries around the world while having the top view over the bohemian city.

Do not miss this unique event in the Czech Republic.

May 21, 18:00h / €50 per Guest

Enjoy the sights of Carlsbad and the sounds of live music while savoring a selection of wines throughout our 2 sides terraces.

Sip along to exceptional jazz and, after the sun goes down, catch our jazz-inspired It Doesn’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing Illuminated Fountain Performance to round out your day.